"I am fascinated by the transformation of properties in nature. Glassblowing holds this attraction for me, as I am part of the process, moving a solid to a molten and aqueous state, and arriving at a solid form again."

"Born in the western, mountainous region of North Carolina, I developed skills in rock climbing and hang gliding at an early age. My career as a glass artist echoes my comfort with interacting with natural elements to achieve an outcome. My glass art, ranging from functional to sculptural, is not laden with heavy meaning or metaphor. Similar to my passion for the environment, my glass creations are simply pleasing to view and to touch."

"Learning to master glassblowing demands patience, flexibility and a vision. For me, it also captures the wonder of spontaneity, often eclipsed in the hurried pace of everyday life."


A 1984 graduate of Appalachian State University (BS- Art Marketing and Production) in Boone, NC, Van Noppen broadened his skills with post-graduate work at the Penland School of Crafts (1984 and 1996 – hot glass); The Pilchuck School (1984 – neon), and The Corning Studio (1996 – hot glass, and 1999 – Venetian glassblowing).

His exhibitions include:

Profiles of the artist and his work have been published in many newspapers and magazines, including: